Sölle Homes.

A family hideout.

Family vacation can also be fun.
In the Sölle Homes on Nassfeld and in Rattendorf, young and old find their space to relax and explore the mountain.

Sölle Homes. Sweet Homes.

Stars, stars, stars. Not the ones on Hollywood Boulevard or the stars crowning the porches of hotels, but the stars in the sky you see from your comfortable, wooden balcony at Nassfeld. Step into your Homes, where you immediately feel at home. Where a spacious holiday home doesn't cost a fortune. Where your vacation is a waltz for the whole family. Let’s do everyday life without the everyday complications.

Now there is only one decision to take: Which Homes is the right for you?...

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For four generations we have been gathering experiences that benefit you and your loved ones on the special days and weeks of the year. It has always been important for us to guard this wealth of experience.

The "Wörld", however, continues to turn and it is important to recognize current trends, to take them up, to develop them further, but also to set new ones - sporty, emotional and sustainable.

The mountain is our passion

One thing you will find in all areas of the "Wörld of Sölle": Our passion for sport activities, our devotion and love for one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps and joy for share this with you.

The moment you move into your apartment, enter our store, get on your bike, close the buckles of your ski boots or climbing harness.


To us the decisive factor is that everything is always in harmony with your individual demands, but also with the requirements of a careful handling of our environment.

See you again!

We hope you have some joyful and carefree days at Nassfeld. And we wish each other that saying goodbye doesn't hurt - because you know you'll come back.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings for fall 2021, as well as winter 2021/21 can be cancelled or rebooked free of charge up to 14 days before arrival.

Up to 14 days before arrival free of charge.
From 13 days to 7 days before arrival 70% of the total stay.
From 6 days before arrival or in case of no-show 100% (minus local tax) of the total stay will be charged.

In case of cancellation less than 14 days prior to arrival, we do not charge a cancellation fee if the following applies:
1) The region is sealed off by the authorities,
2) Borders are closed,
3) the trip is no longer possible for vacation purposes
4) The guest or a person living in the household has been tested positive at the beginning of the vacation (a medical certificate must be presented).

Arrival only with Green Pass

- TESTED: Antigen test: Valid for 48 hours; PCR test: Valid for 72 hours).

- VACCINATED: Proof of vaccination is required.

- RECOVERED: If you recovered from Covid-19, you are exempt from testing for six months. Please bring valid proof.

If you are neither vaccinated nor recovered, we ask that you take a Covid-19 test every 2 days, if you are staying for an extended period of time.

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Juhu! Endlich ist die Woche vom @nassfeldmountainskytrails da. Wir können’s kaum erwarten. Dieses 📸 von @trail.icious beschreibt am besten unsere Vorfreude und Energie für die Woche. Und ihr so? Few days left until the...


DAYDREAMING🤩❄️ Thanks @mad__hias for sharing. #snow #daydreaming #winter #winterwonderland #powder #powderday #skimo #freeskiing #skiing #nassfeld #soellesport #sportspassschlaf #austria #ski


not just a dog....he's a friend....a companion who is always with you, no matter where you go 🐕 @_esther_mountainlove 🙏


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So schnell wie’s die #mountaincarts um die Kurve düsen ist der Sommer auch schon wieder vorbei. Danke an alle Gäste die sich mit den Mountaincarts und beim Rivertubing vergnügt haben. Im September könnt ihr uns noch im...



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