For four generations we have been gathering the experience that benefits you and your loved ones on the special days and weeks of the year. It has always been important to us not only to guard these experiences but continue to create new ones. The "Wörld" continues to turn and it is important to recognize current trends, to take them up, to develop them further, but also to set new ones - sporty, emotional and sustainable.

The mountain is our passion.

Wherever you end up in the "Wörld of Sölle", one thing you will find in all areas: Our passion for movement, activity, for one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps and for bringing the fascination of this to you. The moment you move into your apartment, enter our store, get on your bike, close the buckles of your ski boots or climbing harness

Soul of Sölle

The decisive factor here is that everything is always in harmony with your individual needs, but also with the requirements of a careful handling of our environment.

Stay in touch

We hope you spend your days at the Nassfeld in an uncomplicated and carefree way. But what we wish for you and us even more: That the goodbye won't hurt - because you know that we will stay in touch.

Christian Sölle

Owner, visionary

Christian does not leave a stone untouched. Over the years he has familiarized himself with every path, water and rock at Nassfeld. When he decided to stop racing downhill at the FIS world cup for the sake of his wife and then newborn daughter, he made it his mission to complete the business transformation from a wholesale to a 360° mountain experience company.

Victoria Citterio-Sölle

Chief Experience Officer

While her father is deeply rooted at Nassfeld, Victoria can’t only be one thing. She needs to breathe citylife as well as mountain air. Building bridges, connecting dots - from processes to people, from digital to analog, from vision to product, and creating new experiences, that’s her thing.

Wörld of Sölle: